SPARK is a registered charity, established to support Kesgrave organisations providing Sport, recreation and other leisure activities for Kesgrave’s residents. We do this to promote social welfare and to help improve the quality of life of our fellow residents.

As a charity, SPARK is overseen by a Board of Trustees, who are governed by a constitution which sets out how we operate and oversee the distribution of our funds.

SPARK raises funds and welcomes contributions from any person or organisation, but our main income comes from the 2nd Stop charity shop. This is located adjacent to Tesco Express Store in Ropes Drive. In effect the 2nd Stop shop up-cycles residents unwanted items into play equipment, sports kit and myriad other items and events throughout Kesgrave.

Grants from SPARK  can be given to individuals (aged over 16), the Town Council, voluntary organisations, sports organisations or any club or organisation that is based in Kesgrave.  Follow this link to find out if your club qualifies.

£27,000 funding from SPARK provided play equipment for Cedarwood School

Over the years SPARK has given large and small grants to many Kesgrave organisations, so If you think we could help, please write to us using the form you will find here or contact our Secretary,  Nick Francis by email :

We will consider them all and, if we can, we’ll help with funding.